Fred Day Nursing Endowment

Established in 2000 for 2nd year students in the BSc and Practical Nursing Programs who exhibit exemplary care for the elderly. Recipients are selected by faculty based on their high academic performance and compassionate understanding. Three awards of $500 each are given out annually at our General Meeting.

This award is named after Fred Day, the first president of the Seniors Association.

Seniors' Association Gerontology Endowment

Established in 1993, this award is presented annually to 2nd year students in the Activation Coordinator Gerontology Program as an encouragement to learning in their chosen field of health care. Recipients are selected by faculty based on academic and creative performance. Three awards of $500 are given, plus one award for an international student (when applicable).

Bursary Endowment

This annual award was established in 2000 for mature (40 years and over), full-time students, registered in any program, who are in need of financial assistance. Potential recipients complete applications, supported by documentation. These applications are reviewed by instructors and the Foundation and then forwarded to the Seniors' Association. The winners (usually 3) each receive $500. Some of the recipients are men and women whose jobs have become redundant or are immigrants unable to find work in their previous careers and attend George Brown for retraining.

Each of these awards has been made possible through the generosity of our members and are most appreciated by the students and the college.