Do I click Log In or Become a Member?

If you have taken classes with us before, click Log In. Enter your email address and password that we emailed to you. If you have lost or did not receive your password, let us know by sending us an email and we will send it.

You should only click Become a Member if you have never taken a class with us before.

Must I use the email address and password you provide to me in order to register online?

Yes. Do NOT try to register someone else using your password. Each member has a unique password, and must be used to register that person.

FOR EXAMPLE, you cannot register yourself and your wife at one time [or even at a separate time] using the same password.

Annual Membership

An annual membership fee of $25.00 is required to register for courses. Your membership is valid for one calendar year - January to December. We do not prorate this fee. If you have let your membership expire, the fee will automatically be added to your shopping cart when you check out.

What, Where and When are the courses?

Before the registration for each session begins, the full program for that session will be posted on our website. You may go there and see what is being offered in preparation for registering at the appropriate time and date as indicated in the email that we will send you. We have a number of 10 week courses in the winter and fall sessions of each year and we also have a Great Treasurers course in the spring and the fall of each year. Classes take place at either our St. James Campus or our Casa Loma Campus.
Cost: Varies between $40 and $60 per course

When can I register?

A week or more before each session of courses we will email you the information you will need to log in. This includes: the password that has been assigned to you as well as the date and time that registration begins. NOTE: You will NOT be able to register before this date and time.

Do I have to pay by PayPal?

Yes, BUT, you do not need to have a PayPal account, just look for the area on the PayPal page that says pay by credit card and fill in the required information. PayPal will send you a receipt for your payment. Please keep this for you records. Once you have registered by Pay Pal and have received a receipt then you are registered in the course[s] chosen.

How do I know if a course is full?

When you register on line the number of spaces available will be indicated as you register for each course. When registration is full you will not be able to register and this will be indicated on the website.

May I pay by Canada Post or in Person?

No, you must register and pay on line.

Will I receive a refund if I cancel?

Either email or phone us at least 10 days before the course starts in order to receive a refund. The refund will be what you paid for the course less a $10 administration fee per course. Of course you can withdraw at any time but no refund will be issued if it is after 10 days before the course starts

If a course is full, can I be added to a waitlist?

Yes. If you find the course you really want is full when you are registering on line then you may call us or email us and we will put the first few people on a waitlist .